With extensive experience in bulk and heavy goods transport.

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Geographical coverage across all Europe

With every project in our current portfolio, we strive to meet the needs of all our customers located within the current intermodal transport network.

Currently, the transports carried out in a recurring way, are concentrated in Europe in countries such as: Italy, Germany, France, Belgium, the Netherlands and Romania.

With the help of our partners, we can work both within and outside these countries. Thanks to the passion with which we work and the desire to cover a wide range of projects and to bring a major contribution to sustainability in this business sector.

At the same time, this encompasses a wide range of areas where it is desirable to increase transport efficiency and protect the environment.

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GB Logistics manages to assert itself in the intermodal logistics sector even if it starts its activity just two years after the 2008 economic crisis.

Even so, the effects of this event are embraced with a positive attitude and the sustained efforts of entrepreneurs with extensive experience in the field that have contributed to the growth of this business helped GB Logistics to be an extremely important and innovative player on the economic scene of intermodal transportation.

The passion with which we do business advises us to be truly a trusted business partner and a friend of the environment.

The company was born in 2010 with the desire to bring added value to the intermodal logistics sector and to have a minimal impact on the environment. This way, GB Logistics debuts on the Italian and French market with potato transport, and by choosing bulk loading, the company manages to significantly reduce the cost / kg ratio.

In 2011, GB Logistics expands its operations in Germany. In 2013, the company begins to transport other types of goods from other sectors where heavy bulk and bulk cargo can help streamline the transport process. In 2014, the total volume of shipments was over 25,000 tons.

In 2015, GB Logistics renews and expands the fleet, and the total volume of shipments made is double than previous year.

Between 2016 and 2018, GB Logistics is completely blooming by overcoming industry standards and concentrating all of its work to bring a positive impact on the environment.

Currently, the company has increased the quantity of goods transported by over 40%, and by diversifying the type of freight transported, it has led to new challenges at the level of the developed projects, being open to collaboration within and without our network terminals of transport.

With great attention to detail and with the desire to be successful, all of our colleagues contribute to the performance that the company gets from year to year.

Also, in 2018 GB Logistics opens its headquarters in Bucharest, Romania. Let's do business together!

Our goal is to continue providing high quality intermodal transportation services on a large scale and to contribute to a greener and healthier environment.

Marco Pili

General Manager

With an experience of over 7 years in the logistics and entrepreneurial transport industry, having an open mind and always concerned with the good of the society around us, Marco Pili manages to impress his positive attitude and initiative to do things differently, just to meet any emerging trend and just to be sure that business brings added value at a great scale.

And just to be sure that all the projects that intertwine with GB Logistics’ work are headed for the desired success.

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