GB Logistics

Offers high-quality services at competitive prices, always keeping an eye to the impact that our activity has on the environment. That is why all our transports are exclusively intermodal, precisely in order to meet the demands and needs of our clients and to meet the novelties and changes that will exist in this business sector.
The products we transport are:i:
  • bulk granulated: potatoes, chalk, cereals, sugar, salt, clay, sand.
  • bulk heavy weight : Industrial waste, steel, tile, marble, stones
  • pallets: direct and group transporte

Bulk Products

One of GB Logistics’ specialties is transporting agricultural products, like potatoes and sugar, in bulk loads.

The containers are ideally adapted to be loaded both from the upside and the backside. To unload the goods, we use tipping trailers. Due to our intermodal solution and lightweight materials we can load up to 31 tons / container, making it possible to reduce the transport cost / ton drastically.

The limitations of the loading range are nil. This means that it’s both possible to load straight from the countryside as from a big factory in the city. GB Logistics keeps its customers location in mind and adapts the process to their necessities.

To avoid damage to the customer’s products, the containers are equipped with thermo isolated panels and fall breakers.

Pentru e evita deteriorarea produselor clienţilor, containerele sunt prevăzute cu panouri termoizolante şi dispozitive de protecţie împotriva căderii.

The panels keep the temperature stable inside the container. This ensures that the products have no impact of the cold or the warm weather and are thus protected from the outside circumstances. The fall breakers avoid deep falls of the products, when loaded from above. They will break the fall and ensure a light landing on the container surface. This is especially interesting in case of potato loading, because impact from falling down can damage the product enormously.

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